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Collaboration with External Professional Matchmakers

Fass Pass to Love is excited to collaborate with other matchmakers and agencies to help make matches for their Jewish clients. There are a couple different ways to collaborate with us to find matches.


Fass Pass to Love Members:


Any singles in our database that signed up through our website are considered Fass Pass to Love members. We are happy to connect you with any of these database members for match trades or in-person/virtual date referral fees. Match trades/referral fees can be determined on an individual basis or based on the industry standard of $250/match.


Saw You at Sinai Database:


Beyond our Fass Pass to Love members, we have a partnership with Saw You at Sinai, the world’s largest Jewish matchmaking database of all ages with approximately 40,000 active members. Please note, this database is exclusively for Jewish singles seeking Jewish partners. We are granted full access to Sinai’s database and are permitted to share that access with outside matchmakers.


For those struggling to fulfill contracts for their Jewish clients, tapping into Sinai’s database could be your solution!


We pay on a per client basis to connect with singles from Sinai’s database, whether those are for our clients or those of outside matchmakers. Moreover, it is a very time intensive process: not only do most searches result in a vast pool of potential matches to sift through, but also reaching out to those matches must be handled delicately, since they may not be familiar with our company (and we’re introducing them to your company on top of that).


For $1250, we will help match one client of yours with up to 20 Sinai database members of your choosing. No “date success” referral fees will be expected. There will be an additional $500 fee each time you’d like us to reach out to another 20 database members for that same client. If you’d like to use a database member you’ve already been introduced to as a match for a different client of yours, then we will expect a $250 date success referral fee (enforced by the matchmaking ethical code of conduct as set forth by the Global Love Institute and The Matchmakers’ Alliance).


Process for recruiting matches from Sinai Database:


  1. You’ll need to create an avatar profile of your client in our database by signing up on the intake form on our website. This profile is free to set up and completely private. Be sure to include all of your client’s most important match criteria and any information about your client that would be relevant as reverse match criteria.

  2. We will do a free, preliminary search of the database to let you know how small or vast a pool is available from which to choose matches. This way you can decide if you want to proceed to the next step.

  3. Pay $1250. We will then do a thorough search of the database for qualified matches. We will schedule a zoom call with you to screen share up to 50 profiles. From these you can choose who you’d like us to reach out to, and we’ll contact the first 20 on your list.

  4. Reaching out: We will begin contacting your selected matches by 1) messaging them through Saw You at Sinai’s chat platform, 2) emailing them your clients profile/basic info (your choice whether or not to include client’s photo), 3) (if necessary) reach out by text message, 4) (if necessary) reach out by phone call.

  5. As soon as the potential match expresses interest in learning more about your client, we will make an email introduction between the two of you and let you take it from there. If a potential match rejects your client, we will update you and let you know their reasoning.

  6. If anyone we reach out to doesn’t respond within one week from initial outreach OR they do respond only to let us know they’re not available, we will not count those toward your 20 total connections. If you selected over 20 potential matches to reach out to, we will continue down that list until we get a positive/negative response from 20.

  7. If you’d like to continue connecting with more potential matches at this point, you can pay $500 for us to reach out to another 20 database members. If necessary, we will perform another search of the database and schedule another screen share to review more profiles.


Alternate methods for working with Fass Pass and Sinai database:


  1. If you’re taking on Jewish clients and would like to consider making Fass Pass to Love part of your package, we will guarantee a specified number of mutual matches (resulting in in-person/virtual dates. Rates and number of matches will be determined on an individual basis.

  2. Or, consider referring your potential Jewish clients directly to Fass Pass to Love for a specified percentage of sale. Sale percentage will be determined on an individual basis.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Alex Fass:, 818.419.1544

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