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Elevate Your Love Life: How Jessica Fass Redefines Matchmaking

There is a huge difference between what you see on a movie reel versus what you experience in real life: especially when it comes to love and dating.  Jessica Fass, a Hollywood producer turned Jewish matchmaker, knows this all too well.  She works tirelessly to produce her clients’ love lives.  Her company, Fass Pass To Love, is comprised of an experienced team of matchmaking specialists who help different individuals unveil their best selves, both in person and online.  Their professional stylists and photographers to help singles look their best.  The matchmaking team curates personalized matches.  The dates themselves are arranged and curated.  And once clients do find a relationship, the team stays with them, helping them get over the inevitable hurdles that come from dating.

How Jessica Fass Redefines Matchmaking

Jessica Fass: Hollywood Producer Turned Jewish Matchmaker -

Jessica Fass is a Jewish matchmaker who is famous for her contributions as a relationship and dating coach. The founder of this organization, Jessica came up with the idea of Fass Pass to Love in Tel Aviv almost a decade ago in the quest to help Jewish individuals find and keep love. Since then, her team has assisted hundreds of Jewish people find significant connections, long-term relationships, and marriage.

●       Starting Her Journey

Her journey started in Hollywood, where she worked for famous American sitcom TV shows like "The Big Bang Theory”, "Two and a Half Men", and “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” Her time in the industry has taught her the benefit of networking. Her experience also taught her how to listen to her instinct and traverse various personalities and paved the way for her success as a Jewish matchmaker

Jessica Fass

●       Practical and Application Based Knowledge

Jessica Fass matchmaker has also been through relationship coaching herself and understands what it is like to go through such a process. The change is like no other. The CEO loves her work and believes in guiding her clients with transparency and care. She helps her clients navigate the dating world with poise and determination.

Jessica hosts events and mixers for Jewish singles who are looking for partners. Such events take place in happening cities such as New York, LA, Miami, and Tel Aviv. These events are done with the coordination of celebrities like Aleeza Ben Shalom, who is the Jewish Matchmaker star of the Netflix show “Jewish Matchmaking.”

●       Jessica Fass’s Certifications

Jessica Fass obtained her Matchmaking Certification from The Matchmaking/Global Love Institute in New York. Further, she also won the notable honor of Highly Commended Best New Dating Personality at The U.S. Dating Awards 2016. It is safe to say that she is thrilled to be using the "producing skills" that she gained in Hollywood, as she can now "produce" her Clients' love stories. Her goal in life is to offer the Jewish community a "Fass Pass to Love!"

The Trained Matchmakers and Dating Coaches of Jessica Fass -

The Trained Matchmakers and Dating Coaches of Jessica Fass -

Fass Pass to Love has a remote matchmaking team that works tirelessly for their clients. We are a self-motivated group of trained women belonging to diverse backgrounds from around the globe who have high-quality dating experience and insight. We have numerous online Matchmakers & Coaches with Jewish backgrounds from different parts of the world.

The trained group under Jessica Fass matchmaker has decades of experience. We have helped hundreds of Jewish individuals of different ages and stages to find and keep love. Fass Pass to Love is a boutique Jewish matchmaking service, and we pride ourselves in offering custom-made care and top-notch matches to all our clients.

VIP Matchmaking Memberships offered by Jessica Fass Matchmaker -

VIP Matchmaking Memberships Offered by Jessica Fass Matchmaker -

If you are someone who wishes to find their true love, ask the experts at Fass Pass to Love about becoming a VIP Member. Following are the steps implemented in the VIP Matchmaking Membership - 

  1. Custom-made consideration with a devoted member of our matchmaking team

  2. Contains everything from 1-on-1 session and online takeover

  3. Our Glam Squad, Personal stylist, professional hairstyling and makeup

  4. Specialized photoshoot

  5. Professionally made VIP matchmaking profile

  6. Coaching sessions with a specialized relationship and dating coach

  7. Handpicked worthy matches that fit your specific requirements

  8. Date planning and logistics of the same will be on us

  9. We will offer feedback after every date from both you and your selected partner

  10. A private Whatsapp group for support will be provided with a coach/matchmaker

Jewish Matchmaker


In conclusion, Fass Pass to Love has revolutionized modern dating and the process of finding love. Jessica Fass, the CEO of this Jewish matchmaking organization, has helped numerous individuals find their true love over the past 10 years. You too can find your soulmate with our help. To create the love story of your dreams, consult with our specialists today.


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